SUZUKI Hidehiko
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Science and Technology
   Position   Associate Professor
Research Period 2009~2011
Research Topic Cooperative observations of the couplings of the middle and upper atmosphere utilizing lidars-towards the study of turbopause-
Research Type KAKENHI Research
Consignor Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Research Program Type Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)
KAKENHI Grant No. 21340141
Representative Person NAKAMURA Takuji
Collaborative Researcher SAKANOI Kazuyo, KAWAHARA Takuya, SHIBATA Yasukuni, SATO Kaoru, TSUTSUMI Masaki, TOMIKAWA Yoshihiro, KITAHARA Tsukasa, SUZUKI Hidehiko
Details We have clarified various dynamical phenomena in the lower thermosphere using ground-based lidar and radio/optical observations. In order to extend the observation height upward to observe turbopause, we have developed a mobile container lab and equipped with a resonance scatter lidar. This system was moved to Shigaraki MU radar site and observed Ca+layer, in the presence of Es layer. Also, we have developed multi-wavelengths laser for future turbopause observations.