Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Law
   Position   Professor
Research Period 2013/04~2015/03
Research Topic The consideration of the theory for new contracts through the examination of general theory of each contracts in france
Research Type KAKENHI Research
Consignor Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Research Program Type Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
KAKENHI Grant No. 25780079
Responsibility Representative Researcher
Representative Person TSUZUKI Mitsuo
Details Due to this study, primarily, I indicated the caracters of french contract law and the forms of general theory of each contracts in france through the examination of the general theory of each contracts in france. Secondly, I discovered the exemples of these general thories and the new forms of rules for new contracts. As a result of it, I pointed out the way to apply the rules for the existing contracts in civil code to new contracts. This is extremely important for the study of new contracts in Japan. The third, I made a presentation in french about class actions in France and in Japan at University of Paris 2. It was significant for the transmission of japanese law to the international law community.