Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Global Japanese Studies
   Position   Associate Professor
Language Japanese
Publication Date 2014/11
Type Academic Journal
Peer Review Peer reviewed
Title Development of the Model of Factors Affecting Teachers Enthusiasm in ICT Utilization at Schools
Comparative Studies on Teachers Life Histories among Japan and UK
Contribution Type Co-authored (other than first author)
Volume, Issue, Page pp.157-166
Details The purpose of this study is to develop the model of factors affecting teachers enthusiasm in ICT utilization at schools in Japan from a practical viewpoint. The authors asked three primary school teachers belonging to the same school to draw curved lines showing the process of their enthusiasm in ICT utilization and interviewed them about factors affecting their enthusiasm. As a result of the comparative analysis, three common factors affecting teachers enthusiasm were clarified. The authors compared them with those of the UK primary school teachers at the same school in order to identify if the factors were characterized in the case of Japanese school teachers. The comparative studies indicated that one of the factors is specialized in the Japanese school because it was not identified in the case of UK school teachers. Based on the above results, the authors developed the model of factors of teachers enthusiasm in ICT utilization at schools in Japan.
ISSN 1349-8290