Tanaka Sumio
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Science and Technology
   Position   Senior Assistant Professor
Language Japanese
Publication Date 2011/05
Type Academic Journal
Title Study on Elastoplastic Dampers for Corners of Detached Houses
Contribution Type Co-authored (first author)
Journal Journal of Japan Society for Design Engineering
Volume, Issue, Page pp.277-285
Author and coauthor Nobuhito Akagi, Tomoaki Mizutani, Kenichiro Ohmata
Details Elastoplastic dampers utilizing plastic bending of metal rods or plates are widely used in seismic isolation systems and earthquake-proof devices for buildings. In this paper, the authors propose two types of elastoplastic dampers for corners of detached houses. These elastoplastic dampers uti-lize elastoplastic bending of quarter arc metal rods and V-shaped metal rods. A plane detached house model consisting of four columns, three beams and a concentrated mass was used in seismic response analyses and experiments. The bottom of each column was attached to the base plate through a rubber isolator so that the house model vibrates enough to cause dampers plastic defor-mation. The trial elastoplastic dampers were made, and their resisting force characteristics were confirmed experimentally and theoretically. Next, the seismic responses of the house model with the dampers were measured using a shaking table. The experimental results were compared with the calculated results, and the propriety of the calculations was confirmed. The experimental and calculated results showed that the elastoplastic dampers are effective in suppressing the relative displacement of the detached house model.
ISSN 0919-2948