Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Global Japanese Studies
   Position   Associate Professor
Date 2014/11/25
Presentation Theme An Intercultural Collaborative Lesson Study based on Case Based Reasoning
Conference Type International
Presentation Type Speech (General)
Contribution Type Collaborative
Details The objective of this study is to assess an intercultural collaborative lesson study based on Case-based Reasoning (CBR)(Aadodt 1994), one of instructional design models that is factually based, complex problems written to stimulate discussion and collaborative analysis. The authors have conducted an intercultural collaborative lesson study since 2012 for developing lessons using thinking tools focusing on higher order thinking (Miyake et al. 2013). A teacher from the most advanced Japanese primary schools that have researched on higher order thinking shared their research finings with 4 Chinese primary schools in Guangzhou on 2012. Afterwards, the 4 Chinese primary schools individually started a research about how to apply it into the Chinese educational contexts under support of South China Normal University. As a result of the workshop, it was found that the teachers critically reflected their specific knowledge of previously experienced through the discussion about the case. They got interested the issues proposed in the case although some did not pay attention to the issues showed in the cases before the workshop.