Nakanishi Aki
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Business Administration
   Position   Professor
Date 2016/10/21
Presentation Theme Current Conditions of CSIRTs in Japan: From Fact-finding Surveys
Conference APCIM2016: Asia Pacific Conference on Information Management 2016
Promoters Japan Society for Information and Management
Conference Type International
Presentation Type Speech (General)
Contribution Type Collaborative
Venue Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam
Publisher and common publisher Takuho Mitsunaga,Daisuke Sugihara, Yoshiki Sugiura
Details Recently, Japanese companies are eager to build their CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Teams), because social and business impacts of cyber security rapidly increased. Nippon CSIRT Association which is a CSIRTs' community in Japan founded in 2007, now has over 140 teams and more than half of them have joined in NCA within the past few years. Their business backgrounds cover a broad range. Not only ICT related venders/providers, but also ICT user companies such as manufacture, bank, insurance, construction, airline, hotel companies are participating NCA. Since there are CSIRTs from diverse sectors, the definition of CSIRT is now becoming unclear and hard to comprehend. The purpose of this paper is to explore the activities and characteristics of CSIRTs based on an empirical questionnaire survey to clarify the trends and issues and provide best practices about CSIRTs.