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   School of Commerce
■ Books and Papers
1. Paper Research directions and issues on Logistics research in Japan Logistics Society (Co-authored (first author)) 2018/06
2. Paper Elucidating the determinants of purchase intention toward social shopping sites: A comparative study of Taiwan and Japan (Co-authored (other than first author)) 2017/07 Link
3. Paper A Study on US Trend of Servitization in Manufacturing (Sole-authored) 2015/10
4. Paper Studies on the image of logistics and graduate recruitment in logistics companies in Japan (Co-authored (first author)) 2014/05
5. Paper A Review on the Concept of Physical Distribution―Central Attention to “The Other Half of Markting”― (Co-authored (other than first author)) 2011/05
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2018/08/08 The Evaluation of Disaster Recovery Based on the Resilience Concept (2018 PRiMO CONFERENCE) Link
2. 2018/05/26 Case Divisition -Jupitar Shop Channel- (ASAC 2018) Link
3. 2017/03/21 The Study of Disaster Recovery in Transportation System and Logistics (Building Resilience in Tourrism Destination(2017 PRiMO Conference))
4. 2015/09/17 Examining issues on consumers' shopping inconvenience (Retailing marketing seminar on NCTU)
5. 2014/09/03 The Role of Sales in Supply Chain Management (2014 MEIJI-NCTU summer workshop)
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■ Academic Qualifications
1. 2004/10~2005/03 Meiji University Graduate School, Division of Commerce 〔Doctoral course〕 Completed
2. 1998/04~2001/03 Meiji University Graduate School, Division of Commerce 〔Doctoral course〕 Unfinished course
3. 1996/04~1998/03 Meiji University Graduate School, Division of Commerce 〔Master degree program〕 Completed
4. 1991/04~1995/03 Meiji University Faculty of Commerce Graduated
■ Current Specialized Field