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  Takiguchi Mika
   School of Commerce
   Associate Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. Book The Tetraevangelion: A Study in Byzantine Manuscript Illumination (Sole-authored) 2012/11
2. Paper "Paradise and the Apocalyptic World View of Early Medieval Christianity---The Floor Mosaic of Otranto Cathedral," (Sole-authored) 2016
3. Paper "The Old Testament Illustrations in Byzantium," (Sole-authored) 2015
4. Paper "The Mosaic Decoration of Monreale Cathedral," (Sole-authored) 2014
5. Paper "Floor Mosaics in Early Byzantine Churches," (Sole-authored) 2013
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2016/03 Can Identical Iconography Connote Different Meanings? --- Examples of Fresco Decoration in Cappadocia (Symposium: Byzantine Cappadocia)
2. 2015/09 Byzantine Octateuch Manuscripts and Interpretation of their Images (Institute for European Medieval and Renaissance Studies)
■ Academic Qualifications
1. ~2003/03 Waseda University Graduate School, Division of Letters 〔Doctoral course〕 Unfinished course
2. ~1996/03 Waseda University Graduate School, Division of Letters 〔Master degree program〕 Completed
3. ~1994/03 Waseda University - Graduated
4. ~1990/03 Rikkyo University Faculty of Literature Graduated
■ Research Topics, Consignment Studies & KAKENHI Researches
1. 2015/06~2016/03  Burial churches in Byzantine East and Latin West 
■ Current Specialized Field
Aesthetics/history of art