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  Kiyoshi Murata
   School of Commerce
■ Books and Papers
1. Book Tetsugaku Companion to Japanese Ethics and Technology (Co-authored (Edit / supervision)) 2019 Link
2. Paper Does Ethical Judgment Determine the Decision to Become a Cyborg? Influence of Ethical Judgment on the Cyborg Market (Co-authored (other than first author)) 2018 Link
3. Book Do Honest People Pull the Short Straw? The Paradox of Openness (Co-authored (first author)) 2018/08 Link
4. Paper Personal Data Sensitivity in Japan: An Exploratory Study (Co-authored (other than first author)) 2017/10 Link
5. Paper Following Snowden: A Cross-cultural Study on the Social Impact of Snowden's Revelations (Co-authored (first author)) 2017/09 Link
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2019/03/12 Ethics Education in Japan: Difficulties and Challenges (TUR Ethics seminar) Link
2. 2018/09/25 Cyborg Athletes or Technodoping: How Far Can People Become Cyborgs to Play Sports? (ETHICOMP 2018) Link
3. 2017/09/27 Honest People Pull the Short Straw: The Paradox of Openness (The 6th Asian Privacy Scholars Network International Conference) Link
4. 2017/08/16 Corporate Social Responsibility for the Development and Usage of Black Box Systems (Keynote Speech) (International Conference on Business, Internet, and Social Media (BISM) 2017) Link
5. 2017/06/05 Superheroes on Screen: Real Life Lessons for Security Policy Debates (CEPE/ETHICOMP 2017)
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■ Academic Qualifications
1. 1980/04~1987/03 University of Tsukuba Doctoral Program in Social Sciences Economics〔Doctoral course〕 Accomplished credits for doctoral program
2. 1976/04~1980/03 University of Tsukuba First Cluster of Colleges College of Social Sciences (Major: Economics) Graduated Bachelor of Social Science
■ Career History
1. 1997/04~ Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan School of Commerce Professor
2. 2005/04~ De Montfort University, Leicester, UK Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR) International Research Associate
3. 2003/04~2005/03 De Montfort University, Leicester, UK Faculty of Computing Science and Engineering Honorary Visiting Professor
4. 2003/04~2005/03 De Montfort University, Leicester, UK Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR) Visiting Scholar
5. 1995/04~1997/03 Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan School of Commerce Associate Professor
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■ Internal Committee Positions
1. 2016/04/01~ Deputy Director, Headquarters of International Collaboration
2. 2008/04/01~2012/03/31 Director General, Information INfrastructure Department
■ Major Subjects
Management Information Systems
■ Academic Associations Membership
1. 2005~ ACM
2. 2005~ IEEE Computer Society
3. 2005~ International Society for Ethics and Information Technology (INSEIT)
4. 2012/05~ The Computer Ethics Society
5. 2012/05~ ∟ Advisor
■ Professional Achievements
● Other Special Instructions related to the Current Position
1. 2006/04~ The Centre for Business Information Ethics, Meiji University was establisehd in April 2006 as a research centre for information ethics in organisations. The centre is the only research institute to study information/computer ethics in Japan. Link
■ Social Activities
1. 2019/01~2019/09 Co-chair of XXVIII AEDEM International Conference of the European Academy of Management and Business Economics Link
2. 2017/01~2018/09 A programme committee member of the 13th IFIP TC9 Human Choice and Computers Conference (HCC 13) Link
3. 2016/06~2017/09 Guest Editor of the special issue on "Following Snowden" of the Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society Link
4. 2014/11~2015/09 Track Chair of "Social Impacts of Snowden's Revelations: Worldwide Cross-cultural Analyses" at ETHICOMP 2015 Link
5. 2014/01~2014/07 A programme committee member of ICT, Society, and Human Beings 2014
■ Research Topics, Consignment Studies & KAKENHI Researches
1. 2018/05~2021/04  Responsible Research and Innovation Networking Globally (RRING) 
2. 2015/04~2018/03  Interdisciprinary Cross-cultural Study on Privacy Protection and Information Security Centred on Non-technical Users 
3. 2013/05~2018/03  Study on User Acceptance of Privacy Management Platform 
4. 2013/04~2016/03  Cross-cultural Study on the Alienation Caused by ICT-based Services and Related Organisational Social Responsibility 
5. 2012/04~2017/03  The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Programme for Strategic Research Bases at Private Universities (2012-16) project "Organisational Information Ethics" 
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■ Web Sites
   Professor Kiyoshi Murata, School of Commerce, Meiji University
   Centre for Business Information Ethics, Meiji University
■ Email Addresses
■ Current Specialized Field
Information library science/humanistic social informatics, Information library science/humanistic social informatics, Business administration, Business administration, Business administration, Childhood science (Key Word:information ethics, computer ethics, business information ethics, privacy, professionalism, gender, culture, information society, management informatics, management information, management information systems, information quality, e-business) 
■ KAKENHI Researcher Number