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  Harigaya Toshio
   School of Agriculture
■ Books and Papers
1. Book "Advances in Comparative Endocrinology
""Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of the equine testicular 3β-HSD mRNA.""" (Co-authored (other than first author)) 1997/11
2. Book Human and mouse TGFα(hTGFα and mTGFα)and mammary gland growth in relation to hormones In Proceedings of the XVI International Cancer Congress (Co-authored (other than first author)) 1995
3. Book "Prolaction gene family and its receptors - molecular biology to clinical problems
""Effects of mouce prolactin on acrosomal reaction of spermatozoa in mice in vitro""" (Co-authored (other than first author)) 1988
4. Book Prolactin gene family and its receptors-molecular biology to clinical problems
"Comparison of placental lactogen II and prolactin binding to liver membranes in pregnant mice" (Co-authored (first author)) 1988
5. Book Pars Distalis of the Pituitary Gland-Structure,Function and Regulation (Co-authored (first author)) 1986
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2017/09/28 Isolation and structural characterization of glycosylated mouse prolactin (World Congress of Reproductive Biology)
2. 2017/09/28 Vasoinhibin increases mRNA expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin in human cardiac fibroblasts. (World Congress of Reproductive Biology)
3. 2016/09/02 The analysis of binding capacity between vasoinhibin and integrin (International Symposium on Pituitary Gland and Related Systems (ISPGRS 2016))
4. 2016/09/02 Vasoinhibins increase TNF-alpha and IL-6 mENA expression in human cardiac fibroblasts (International Symposium on Pituitary Gland and Related Systems (ISPGRS 2016))
5. 2014/06/22 Effects of Vasoinhibin on Endothelial Cells through Integrin α5β1 Binding (International Congress of Endocrinology/ ENDO 2014(The Endocrine Society's 96th Annual Meeting))
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■ Academic Qualifications
1. ~1975/03 The University of Tokyo Faculty of Agriculture Graduated
2. 1975/04~1977/03 The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Agriculture 〔Master degree program〕 Completed
3. 1977/04~1980/03 The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Agriculture 〔Doctoral course〕 Completed
■ Career History
1. 1997/04~ Meiji University Professor
2. 1992/04~1997/03 Meiji University Associate Professor
3. 1990/04~1992/03 Meiji University Assistant Professor
4. 1986/03~1990/03 Kyoto University Assistant Professor
5. 1986/08~1988/01 University of California Sant Cruz Associate Researcher
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■ R&R Researcher Code
■ Research Topics, Consignment Studies & KAKENHI Researches
1.   Gene expression of prolactin  (Key Word : prolactin,mouse,gene expression)
2.   Histology of pituitary prolactin cells.  (Key Word : ",,")
■ Current Specialized Field
Anthropology, Molecular biology, Molecular biology, Endocrinology