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  Ishiyama Noriko
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Political Science and Economics
   Position   Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. 2022/11 Book The Promise of Multispecies Justice  pp.185-203 (Collaboration) 
2. 2021/08 Article Geographic Stories of Survival: Reconstructing Multiple Relations and Creating Spaces for Environmental Justice Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie: Journal of Economic and Human Geography  (Single) 
3. 2017 Book The International Encyclopedia of Geography   (Collaboration) 
4. 2006/10 Book v.13 no.  pp.213-246 (Collaboration) 
5. 2003/01 Article Environmental justice and American Indian tribal sovereignty: case study of a land-use conflict in Skull Valley, Utah Antipode, Blackwell Publishers 35(1),pp.119-139 (Single) 
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■ Academic Qualifications
1. 2002/10
Degree Acquisition
"Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey", Ph.D. (Geography)
2. ~2002/10 〔Doctorial Course〕 Human Geography, Department of Geography, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Completed,
3. ~1997/03 〔Master Course〕 American Studies, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Japan Women's University, Completed,
4. ~1997/03 Department of English (American Studies), Faculty of Literature, Japan Women's University, Graduated, MA
■ Research Topics, Consignment Studies & KAKENHI Researches
1. 2004  Environmental Justice Movement in the United States: From a perspective of political geography  (Key Word : environment,human geography,USA)
■ Current Specialized Field
Human geography, Human geography, Politics, Area studies