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  Hatooka Keita
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Science and Technology
   Position   Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. 2021/01 Article "Let the Sleeping Dogs Tell Lies: Companionship and Solitude in Shuntarō Tanikawa’s Dog Poems." Reading Cats and Dogs: Companion Animals in World Literature  pp.157-168 (Single) 
2. 2020/02 Book Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Novelization   (Single) 
3. 2019/06 Book Japanese Novels Every Teacher Should Read: From Soseki Natsume To Kanae Minato   (Single) 
4. 2017/10 Book Why Adaptation Matters to You: From The Great Gatsby to Inherent Vice   (Single) 
5. 2016/04 Book Rocket Noon: Essays on Postmodern Novels   (Single) 
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2017/07/08 Naturally Selected by Humans: Furukawa Hideo and Jonathan Saffron Foer (ACLA)
2. 2010/10/21 The Voice of a Crying and Dark Soul: Kenzaburo Oe and His Son (ASLEC-ANZ)
3. 2007/06/13 The Sea around Them: Thoreau, Carson, and Pynchon (7th Biennial Conference of ASLE)
4. 2005/06/21 Pilgrim at shade creek : bigfoot, redwoods, and the Karmic Environment in Thomas Pynchon's Vineland (6th Biennial Conferene of ASLE)
5. 2005/05/04 Nostalgia and extinction narrative : a comparative study of popular science writers and postmodern novelists (10th Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Literature & Rhetoric)
■ Academic Qualifications
1. Faculty of Literature, Chiba University, Graduated,
2. 〔Doctoral course〕, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Keio University, Completed,
3. 2008/02
Degree Acquisition
Keio University, Ph.D
4. 〔Doctoral course〕, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Keio University, Accomplished credits for doctoral program,
5. 2001/03
Degree Acquisition
Keio University,
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■ Academic Associations Membership
2. Modern Language Association(MLA)
■ Current Specialized Field
English literature and literature in the English language (Key Word:American Literature and Culture, Ecocriticism,)