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  Mukai-Ikeda Yuri
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Science and Technology
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. 2013/09 Article Discrimination of Xylose O-glycosylation Sites in Mammalian Proteins Chemistry Letters 42(9),pp.1043-1045 (Collaboration) 
2. 2013/07 Article Correlation between Proline-Proline/hydroxy-Proline in collagen proteins and the moisture content of the stratum corneum after oral ingestion International Journal on Applied Bioengineering 7(1),pp.in press (Collaboration) 
3. 2013/03 Article Discrimination of mammalian GPI-anchored proteins by their hydropathy and amino acid propensities Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 77(3),pp.526-533 (Collaboration) 
4. 2013 Article Sugar type discrimination in O-glycosylation based on protein primary sequences Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering 8(3),pp.225-232 (Collaboration) 
5. 2012/02 Article Fabrication of langmuir-blodgett films using amphiphilic peptides Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 12,pp.567-572 (Collaboration) 
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2011/09 Correlation between the disaccharide of alkyl glycosides and the structural stability of solubilized membrane protein (The 49th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan)
2. 2010/12 A discrimination method for golgi type II membrane proteins based on the hydropathy alignment and the position-specific score matrix around their transmembrane regions (2nd International Conference on Trendz in Information Sciences and Computing)
3. 2010/12 Development a database of genome-wide GPI-anchored proteins (2nd International Conference on Trendz in Information Sciences and Computing)
4. 2010/12 Discrimination of Golgi type II membrane proteins focusing on thier membrane spanning peptide sequences (5th International Peptide Symposium)
5. 2010/12 Discrimination of GPI-anchored proteins using artificial neural network (5th International Peptide Symposium)
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■ Academic Qualifications
1. Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Graduated,
2. 〔Doctoral course〕, Graduate School, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaido University, Completed,
3. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology,
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