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  YOSHIDA Hidetsugu
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Arts and Letters
   Position   Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. 2021 Article Chapter 7. Volcanic Debris Avalanche Transport and Emplacement Mechanisms Volcanic Debris Avalanches: From Collapse to Hazard  (Collaboration) 
2. 2018/02 Article Characteristics of debris avalanche deposits inferred from source volume estimate and hummock morphology around Mt Erciyes, central Turkey Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 18,pp.429-444 (Collaboration) 
3. 2018/01 Article Relationship of direction of volcanic sector collapse to regional stress field: A brief review for Japanese volcanoes Transactions, Japanese Geomorphological Union 39(1),pp.1-14 (Single) 
4. 2017/11 Article Automated extraction of hummocks in debris avalanche deposits using DEMs: A case study at Mt. Gassan, northwest Japan Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie 61(2),pp.199-212 (Collaboration) 
5. 2017/11 Article Geomorphic Reconstruction of Formation and Recession Processes of Waterfalls of the Kaminokawa River Basin on Osumi Peninsula, Southern Kyushu, Japan Geographical Research 55(4),pp.424-437 (Collaboration) 
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2016/08 Potential risks of natural hazards in Kayseri region, central Turkey. (International Geographical Congress 2016)
2. 2016/05/22 A survey for the larger block distribution on the block slopes around the summit area of Mount Tateshina, central Japan: an application of combined on-site measurements with UAV-SfM method providing clues as to the understanding of block slope development (Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2016)
3. 2016/05/22 Micro-topographic survey on the block slope using UAV-SfM method: a case study on the west face of Mount Higashi-Nupukaushi, Shikaribetsu volcanic group, Hokkaido, Japan (Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2016)
4. 2016/04 Morphological analysis of hummocks in debris avalanche deposits us-ing UAS-derived high-definition topographic data. (European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016)
5. 2015/08 Geomorphology and archaeology: mapping landforms around archaeological sites in Kayseri region using high-definition data (IGU Moscow 2015)
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■ Academic Qualifications
1. 1998/04~2002/03 Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo, Graduated,
2. 2002/04~2004/03 〔Master degree program〕 Department of Environmental Studies, Graduate School, Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Completed,
3. 2004/04~2007/03 〔Doctoral course〕 Department of Natural Environmental Studies, Graduate School, Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Completed,
■ Current Specialized Field
Geography, Others