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  クエク マーリ ジョン ガケ ヒアング   Quek Mary Joy Ngak Hiang
  クエク,マーリ J.
   所属   明治大学  国際日本学部
   職種   特任准教授
■ 著書・論文
1. 2019/02 論文  When Castro seized the Hilton: Risk and crisis management lessons from the past Tourism Management 70(February),pp.419-429 (共著) 
2. 2018 論文  Contents Tourism in Japan   (単著) 
3. 2018 その他  Singapore’s Inbound Tourism Development, 1997-2016   (単著) 
4. 2014 論文  Re-organisation of Hilton Hotels International, 1958-59: a reactive crisis approach   (単著) 
5. 2012/11 論文  An investigation into hotel group and luxury fashion designer collaborations   (共著) 
■ 学会発表
1. 2017 Japan Inbound Tourism Development, 2003-2016(The 1st Global Business Leadership and Sustainability Conference)
2. 2014 International hotel development in the 1960s: a cooperation perspective(The 50th Congress of the Business History Society of Japan)
3. 2013 Financing international hotel growth in the aftermath of the Second World War(The 17th Annual Conference of the European Business History Association)
4. 2012 The decision-making actions of the Habana Hilton Hotel management during the Cuban Revolution, 1959-1960(The 20th Annual Conference of the Association of Business Historians)
5. 2011 Co-evolution of a firm’s capability and environment: A multinational hotel case study(The 27th European Group of Organizational Studies Colloquium)
■ 学歴
1. Oxford Brookes University 卒業 PhD
2. Oxford Brookes University 卒業 Master of Science in International Hotel and Tourism Management
3. National University of Singapore Economics and Japanese Studies 卒業 Bachelor of Arts and Social Science
■ 主要学科目
Business History, Hotel Management, Tourism Studies.
■ 所属学会
1. 2013/09~ World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research Link
2. 2005/09~2019/05 British Academy of Management Link
3. 2004/04~ Association of Business Historians Link
4. 2004/04~ Business History Conference Link
5. 2004/04~ European Business History Association Link
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