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  オオハシ ルイーズ パメラ   OHASHI LOUISE PAMELA
   所属   明治大学  国際日本学部
   職種   特任教授
■ 著書・論文
1. 2020/03 論文  Understanding Learner Autonomy Through Research: A Summary of a Forum at JALT 2019 SiSAL Journal (Studies in Self-Access Learning) 11(1),53-63頁 (共著)  Link
2. 2019 著書  CALL for Help: Critical CALL for Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability  76-81頁 (共著)  Link
3. 2019 著書  Listen up! Useful Materials for Intensive and Extensive Listening  131-138頁 (単著)  Link
4. 2018 著書  Self-Directed Learning and the Teacher’s Role: Insights from Two Different Teaching Contexts  pp.236-242 (単著)  Link
5. 2016 著書  Taking English Outside of the Classroom Through Social Networking: Reflections on a Two-Year Project  pp.345-350 (単著)  Link
■ 学会発表
1. 2015/11/22 Enriching Independent Learning with Digital Tools.(41st Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning (JALT 2016)) Link
2. 2015/08/28 Exploring the Long-term Impact of Incorporating Digital Technology into a Foreign Language Course.(EuroCALL 2015) Link
3. 2015/06/28 Becoming an EFL Professional: The Scenic Route(EFL Teacher Journeys Conference)
4. 2015/06/06 Helping Students Help Themselves with Digital Technology: An Investigation of the Role Teachers Can Play in Shaping Students' Private Study Practices.(JALTCALL 2015) Link
5. 2015/05/02 Building an English Community Outside of the EFL Classroom with Facebook Groups(The Fifth Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom)
■ 学歴
1. Charles Sturt University 卒業 PhD (Education)
2. Charles Sturt University 卒業 Master of Education (TESOL)
3. Charles Sturt University 卒業 Graduate Diploma (TESOL)
4. University of Melbourne 卒業 Bachelor of Arts
■ 所属学会
1. 2012~ JALTCALL (Japan Association for Language Teaching Computer-Assisted Language Learning Group) Link
2. 2008~ JALT (Japan Association for Language Teaching) Link
■ メールアドレス
■ 現在の専門分野
外国語教育 (キーワード:EFL, learner motivation, independent learning, digital technology for language education)