Specialization Areas :  Educational technology
Name Department / Course Specialization Areas
Kamata Hiroyuki , School of Science and Technology Communication and network engineering, Aerospace engineering, Communication and network engineering, Educational technology, Communication and network engineering
Tomura Kayo , School of Business Administration Educational technology, Japanese literature, Japanese language education
Associate Professor
Name Department / Course Specialization Areas
ARAKI JUNKO , School of Political Science and Economics Educational technology, Business administration
FUJII YOICHRO , School of Commerce Money and finance, Economic theory, Economic policy, Educational technology
KISHI MAKIKO , School of Global Japanese Studies Educational technology
Kubota Toshihiko , School of Arts and Letters English linguistics, Foreign language education, Educational technology
ODA Mitsuyasu , School of Information and Communication Education, Hygiene and public health: including laboratory approach, Sociology, Medical management and medical sociology, Educational technology, Business administration