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  MIZOBE Yasuo
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Global Japanese Studies
   Position   Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. 2022/10 Article Atomic Bombs and Anti-nuclear Weapons: Common Experiences of Africa and Japan in the Mid-20th Century Iwanami Lectures on World History 18: African Regions to the 20th Century (edited by Yoko Nagahara) pp.303-304 (Single)  Link
2. 2021/12 Article A Brief Analysis of the Current Trends and Future Path in African Historical Studies in Japan Journal of African Studies pp.79-83 (Single)  Link
3. 2020/07 Article The Influence of Ghana-led Anti-nuclear Weapons Campaigns on Japanese Peace Movements in the Early 1960s: An Analysis through Experiences of Three Japanese The Journal of Research Institute for the History of Global Arms Transfer pp.3-26 (Single)  Link
4. 2020/03 Article A Brief Report on the Survey of Japanese Army’s Weapons and Belongings in the Ghana Armed Forces Museum Collection  pp.235-243 (Single)  Link
5. 2020/03 Article A Report on ‘Japanese’ Internees on the British Gold Coast during World War II  pp.157-194 (Single)  Link
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2018/03/22 How Did the Japanese Describe Unintended Encounters with African Soldiers During World War II?: A Preliminary Report Based on Contemporary Writings and Memoirs Written in Japanese (International Conference on Colonial Mobilization in Africa and Asia during the Second World War: Soldiers, Labourers and Women (COLMOB2018))
2. 2017/10/12 Reconsidering the 1960s campaigns against atomic and hydrogen bombs in Africa and Japan through an analysis of the Accra assembly for the world without bombs in 1962 (The 2nd Biennial Conference of African Studies Association of Africa (ASAA)) Link
3. 2016/06/05 Japanese-African Relations and the 1960s Campaigns Against the Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs: Analysing the Impact of the 1962 Accra Conference (The 53rd Annual Conference of the Japan Association for African Studies) Link
4. 2015/07/30 Discussant for the first session "Between Imperialism and Colonialism: Imperial Rivalry and Politics on the Ground." ("Russia and Global History," Slavic-Eurasian Research Center 2015 Summer International Symposium) Link
5. 2014/05/28 Analysis of the Bank's Role in the Japanese Penetration into African Market in the Interwar Period (1920s and 1930s): The Case of the Yokohama Shokin Ginko (The 13th International Conference of Africanists "Society and Politics in Africa: Traditional, Transitional, and New") Link
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■ Academic Qualifications
1. 2005/08~2006/08 〔Master Course〕, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon,
2. 2001/04~2004/03 〔Doctorial Course〕 Department of Language and Society, Graduate School of Integrated Studies in Language and Society, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Completed, PhD
3. 1997/04~1999/03 Course of Philosophy and Ethics, Faculty of Literature, Hokkaido University, Graduated,
4. 1993/04~1997/03 Department of African Area Studies, Faculty of Foreign Language, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Graduated,
■ Career History
1. 2021/04~2021/09 Osaka University School of Foreign Studies
2. 2020/04~2020/09 Osaka University School of Foreign Studies Part-time lecturer
3. 2017/04~2017/09 Osaka University School of Foreign Studies Part-time lecturer
4. 2011/04~2011/09 Osaka University School of Foreign Studies Part-time lecturer
5. 2007/04~2009/03 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Research Fellow
■ Academic Associations Membership
1. 2021/06~ The Japan Black Studies Association Link
2. 2017/10~ African Studies Assciation of Africa Link
3. 2013/02~ Ghana Studies Association Link
4. 2001/04~ Japan Society for African Studies Link
■ Social Activities
1. 2015/04~ Supervisor for NHK ETV's world history course for high school students Link
2. 2005/08~2006/06 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Rotary International
■ Research Topics, Consignment Studies & KAKENHI Researches
1. 2016/04~2019/03  A Historical Research on the Development of International Movements for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle of the Twentieth Century from a Perspective of Japanese-African Relations  (Key Word : ) Link
2. 2011/04~2016/03  A Study on Colonial Mobily of Soldiers, Labourers and Women  (Key Word : )
3. 2011~2013  Basic Research on the History of Afro-Japanese Relations during World War II  (Key Word : )
4. 2007~2009  Historical study of African modernization through the analysis of the local press  (Key Word : Anglophone West Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, African intellectuals, African modernisation, Christian missionaries, Colonialism, African Nationalism, African newspapers, African media, World War I&II, Pan Africanism, Independence movements, International aid for Africa, Brain Drain)
5. 2007~2010  Studies on "Colonial Responsibilities"in the History of Decolonization  (Key Word : )
■ Committees and Associations
1. 2020~2021/03/31 National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education Link
■ Current Specialized Field
History of Asia and Africa, Area studies, Politics