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  IKEDA Takashi
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Arts and Letters
   Position   Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. 2011 Book 『Neue Stimmen der Phänomenologie, Bd. I: Die Tradition/ Das Selbst.』  pp."Das Realitätsproblem bei Heidegger" 122-133 (Collaboration) 
2. 2011 Article Agency and Mortality: Heidegger’s Existential Analysis of Death and its Practical Philosophical Background Bulletin of Death and Life Studies vol. 7 pp.138-159 (Single) 
3. 2011 Article Watsuji and Heidegger on Aristotle's Ethics: A Comparative Study Rationality in Human Life, Collection of Conference Essays (5th Annual Philosophical Meeting for Young Scholars of BESETO) pp.402-416 (Single) 
■ Conference Presentations
1. 2012/01/07 Commentary on Stuart Youngner’s “Why Would it Be Morally Wrong to Create a Human/Animal Chimera? (The 4th GABEX International Meeting)
2. 2011 Watsuji and Heidegger on Aristotle's Ethics: A Comparative Study (Rationality in Human Life: T​h​e​ ​5th​ ​B​E​S​E​T​O​ ​C​o​n​f​e​r​e​n​c​e​ ​o​f​ ​P​h​i​l​o​s​o​p​h​y)
3. 2009 Symposium: Considering Phenomenology for the Future World, once again from the Beginning (第31回日本現象学会大会)
4. 2007 (Erste Graduiertentagung für die Phänomenologie)
5. 2007 Toward a New Conception of Reality: Heidegger’s Way to criticize the Problem of Reality (Symposia Phenomenologica Asiatica)
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■ Academic Qualifications
Degree Acquisition
The University of Tokyo,
2. 〔Doctoral course〕, The University of Tokyo, Completed,
3. 〔Master degree program〕, Graduate School, Division of Humanities, The University of Tokyo, Completed,
4. Faculty of Literature, The University of Tokyo, Graduated,
■ Current Specialized Field
Philosophy and ethics