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  Hiromori Tomohito
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Global Japanese Studies
   Position   Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. 2023 Book Mechanisms for Learning English: Effective Study Methods Based on Second Language Acquisition Research [Revised Edition]   (Single)  Link
2. 2023 Book Collaborative writing: Theory, research, and implications Insights into teaching and learning writing: A practical guide for early-career teachers pp.114-126 (Single)  Link
3. 2022 Book Motivation, Learning Styles, and Learning Strategies The Science of Learning English pp.167-183 (Single)  Link
4. 2022 Book New Possibilities in English Teaching Practice Based on Motivation Theory: Motivating Through Pair/Group Activities English Instruction Based on Motivation Research pp.104-118 (Single)  Link
5. 2020 Book Guidebook for Writing English Education Papers: Tips and Tricks for Journal Publication   (Collaboration)  Link
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2024 Engaging Learners in English Language Courses
2. 2024 Interactions between school-level and classroom-level engagement in language learning: A study on Japanese junior high school students (Psychology of Language Learning (PLL5) International Conference)
3. 2024/05 Perceptions of flow experience among Japanese students in EFL classrooms (Psychology of Language Learning (PLL5) International Conference)
4. 2023 Motivating each other in a project-based EFL language course (The 32nd International Symposium on English Language Teaching & Book Exhibit)
5. 2023 Does peer leadership make a difference? Impact of students in leadership roles on group work engagement in the second language (The 8th IAFOR International Conference on Education)
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■ Academic Qualifications
1. 2006/03
Degree Acquisition
Hokkaido University,
■ Career History
1. 2017/04~ Professor
■ Teaching Activities
● Textbook and Other Teaching Materials of your own
1. 2007/03 Fundamentals of Effective Speaking
2. 2008/03 Stepping Stones to Effective Writing
3. 2009/03 Skills that Thrill: Strategies for Real-World Reading
4. 2020/03 令和3年度版 NEW CROWN English Series New Edition 1, 2, 3 (中学校検定教科書: 編集委員)
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■ Current Specialized Field
Foreign language education, Linguistics, Educational psychology