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  ASAI Sumiko
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Political Science and Economics
   Position   Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. 2024/03 Article Determinants of manuscript submissions to fully open access journals: Elasticity to article processing charges Scientometrics 129(3),pp.1687-1696 (Single) 
2. 2024/02 Article Choice of open access in Elsevier hybrid journals Publishing Research Quarterly  (Single) 
3. 2023/11 Article Which database with article processing charges should be used? Scientometrics 128(11),pp.6293-6298 (Single) 
4. 2023/09 Article Does double dipping occur? The case of Wiley's hybrid journals Scientometrics 128(9),pp.5159-5168 (Single) 
5. 2023/06 Article Revisiting methodology for identifying open access advantages Publishing Research Quarterly 39(2),pp.107-119 (Single) 
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2013/01 Technical Efficiency Accounting for Environmental Influence in the Japanese Gas Market (Dynamic and Network DEA Workshop)