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   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Science and Technology
   Position   Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. 2022/02 Article High Allowable Strain and Lightweight Composite Structure Design Technology Aeronautical and Space Science JAPAN pp.21-27 (Collaboration) 
2. 2021/01 Article Strength enhancement of adhesively bonded Ti-6Al-4V alloy joints by flame-based surface treatment The Journal of Adhesion  (Collaboration) 
3. 2020/12 Article Silica deposition treatment of 2024 aluminum alloy for improved
coating adhesion International Journal of Adhesion & Adhesives (105) (Collaboration) 
4. 2017/09 Article Out-of-autoclave manufacturing demonstration and cost evaluation using aircraft speed brake structure SAMPE Journal: USA (Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering) 50(5),pp.6-12 (Collaboration) 
5. 2017/09 Article Strength and bonding characteristics of adhesive joints with surface-treated titanium-alloy substrates Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology:UK (Tylor & Francis) pp.1-19 (Collaboration) 
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2021/08/04 Crystallinity evaluation of in-situ consolidation thermoplastic CFRP
2. 2021/08/04 Mechanical Characteristics of Thermoplastic Using In-Situ Consolidation Process
■ Patents
1. 2003/08 Carbon nano fiber dispersed resin fiber-reinforced composite material