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  Notomi Mitsuo
   Department   Undergraduate School  , School of Science and Technology
   Position   Professor
■ Books and Papers
1. 2023/05 Article Texture of Valve Spring Materials by Quenching and Oil-tempering Transactions of JSSE pp.29-35 (Collaboration) 
2. 2023/03 Article Effect of shatterproof polymer film application on the fracture types and strength of glass subject to bending load Engineering Failure Analysis 148(107220),pp.1-11 (Collaboration) 
3. 2022/11 Article Evaluation of hydrogen permeability of polymer membranes Journal of the Society of Materials Sciense, Japan pp.903-909 (Collaboration) 
4. 2022/06 Article Numerical modeling and modal analysis of base-isolated RC building Bulletin of the JSME pp.1-12 (Collaboration) 
5. 2022/05 Article The Prediction of Fatigue Crack Nucleating Point in Springs by Finite Element Method Transactions of JSSE pp.23-26 (Collaboration) 
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■ Conference Presentations
1. 2023/09/28 Characteristics of Simulated Body Fluids for Experiments in Vitro
2. 2023/09/28 Evaluation for Hydrogenation Properties of Mg-Fe Supported on rGO
3. 2023/09/16 Flow corrosion behavior of Mg in the simulated body fluid and physiological saline
4. 2022/11/30 Hydrogen Storage Material of Fe-Doped Magnesium Supported by Graphene (2022 MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit)
5. 2021/01/25 Observation of Dynamic Deformation and Fracture Behavior of Bonded Material by Digital Image Correlation and Evaluation of Dynamic Fracture Toughness (15th International Symposium on Mechanics, Aerospace and Informatics Engineering 2021)
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■ Academic Qualifications
Degree Acquisition
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Doctor of Degree
Degree Acquisition
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Master of Degree
3. 1987/04~1989/03 〔Master Course〕, Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Completed,
4. 1982/04~1986/03 Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduated,
■ Career History
1. 2007/04 Professor
2. 2005/04~2006/03 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Visiting Scholar
3. 2001/08~2001/08 JAPANESE ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAM in Malaysia Lecture
4. 2001/04~2002/03 Tokyo Institute of Technology Part-time Lecturer
5. 2001/04~2007/03 Meiji University Associate Professor
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■ Internal Committee Positions
1. 2016/04/01~2018/03/31 Deputy Director, Research Extension and Intellectual Property Headquarters
2. 2011/10/01~2012/03/31 Director, Japanese Educational Center
3. 2009/10/01~2012/03/31 Deputy Director, Headquarters of International Collaboration
■ Academic Associations Membership
1. 2003/12~ Materials Research Society
2. 1994/04~2004/03 The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
■ Research Topics, Consignment Studies & KAKENHI Researches
1. 2010/04~2013/03  Study on Mechanism for pseudo-elasticity of Fe-based and Ni-Ti-based alloy  (Key Word : )
2. 2006/04  Strength and mechanics of bioengineering materials  (Key Word : bioengineering,material,)
3. 1998/04  Crystallographic Deformation mechanism of shape memory alloy  (Key Word : shape memory alloy,deformation,)
■ Web Sites
   Introduction on SFEM in Meiji Univ
■ Award History
1. 2002 The best presentation award of JSDE
■ Current Specialized Field
Solid earth sciences, Theoretical studies related to particle-, nuclear-, cosmic ray and astro-physics, Organic functional materials, Mechanics of materials and materials (Key Word:Mechanics of Materials, Fracture Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Finite Element Analysis, Shpae Memory Alloy)  Link
■ Courses and Lectures taught or delivered in the past
1. Solid Mechanics(Meiji University)
2. Elasticity and FEM(Meiji University)
3. Mechanical Design 2(Meiji University) Link